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Where Sleeping Dragons Lie by Cristina Rayne is an amusing story that is lost in an underdeveloped plot and an unconvincing romance.

Briana is a rare book collector and discovers an old book left behind by her late grandmother. She’s intrigued because it is written in a language that she has never seen before and has a picture of an unusual key. A handsome store patron, Taron Hildebrand, recognizes the book and claims that it is a lost family heirloom and offers a substantial amount for its return.

Taron then suddenly abducts Briana when an unexpected visitor arrives at the store. Once outside, he turns into a dragon and flies away with Briana clutched in one of its claws.  

Eventually, they end up at Taron’s castle in England where he explains the origins of the book and reason for abducting her. Briana discovers that she is descended from a powerful witch and Taron is a dragon prince banished to her world through a secret portal.

Although the book kept me entertained, there were times that I chuckled at its absurdity. The plot needs to be expanded to soften the paranormal transitions.  For example, Briana and Taron are calmly discussing the book and its contents when Taron suddenly kicks the door shut, abducts Briana, transforms into a dragon, and flies away with Briana clutched in one of his claws. She calmly accepts that dragons are real and soon after finds herself lusting after his naked torso. Too much, too fast, becomes too silly.

The courtship was unfulfilling and not what I expect from a paranormal romance. It felt more like a crush than a love story.

I rate this book 3 out of 5 stars. This book has a lot of potential that is lost in an immature plot and undeveloped romance. It also fulfills one of my biggest pet peeves: a novella being sold as a full length novel.

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