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This book is a quick read and will help pass the time if you can get past the first chapter.

I gave this 2 out of 5 stars.

Loki and the other Gods have been banished to earth where they have been tasked with protecting humans from hordes of demons sent by Hel, Loki’s daughter.

Morgane, a human, devotes her life to killing demons after her mother and sister are killed in a vicious demonic attack. She is later discovered by Loki seriously injured after battling some demons. He saves her life and the story continues as they band together to stop Hel from destroying the world. The story has various twists and turns that involve a few other Gods and demigods.

I gave this book 2 stars. The opening chapter did little to move the plot forward and was tedious to read. The real action begins with Chapter Two. An injured Morgane returns home to clean her wounds after a grueling battle with demons. Since humans are unable to see demons, Loki is surprised to discover that a human girl has been killing demons. They are immediately attracted to each other and have a physical relationship later followed by declarations of love.

I found this book disappointing for several reasons. The characters, Morgane, Loki’s love interest, and Hel, Loki’s daughter, are severely underdeveloped. These two characters are important to the plot and theme. Morgane’s character was static throughout and her character never evolved past the angry girl who lost her mother and sister. An explanation of Hel’s sadistic nature would have helped understand her fascination with torture. The lack of character development left the plot severely handicapped. Additionally, the love affair between Morgane and Loki falls flat and seems “glued together” as an afterthought. There was no buildup that one expects of a successful romance. Finally the story as a whole lacked originality. Plots based on Gods such as Loki and Odin are common themes in many paranormal books.

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